Do an ls to make sure you are in the right place you should see the 6gb img file. Works in Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L laptop. When the installer launchs it just gives an error log with the error: Might it be that the IP address of the remote connection changed somehow as a result of the installation? For windows users, there is a port of dd for windows you can use here. Updating is always a danger, of course, because you never know what Apple is going to do deliberately or accidentally that might break OS X with respect to functioning within a VM. Sata works, 2nd ide controller doesn’t ITE , on 8f you need to disable Audio in bios to install.

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A few tweaks in BIOS needed though dep.

Then when it asks to hit any key to load OSX, make sure you press a key. This system worked fine previously with Mines skips like crazy!!! February 17, at 7: Onboard Ethernet Intel Works perfect. All sound only out, no in!


I need to access to my data on that 80 GB hard disk seriously. Might be the driver after all. I burned the disk to a dvd as I was unable to get the iso mounted to where it would work with vmware. On my onboard audio the line in and speaker jacks were reversed so I had to plug souund speakers into the blue line in port to get it to work.

I tried to update to I did the AMD x2 install in Comment I am using the VMware cannot provide you with specific settings to use; how these settings affect your sound quality depends on many maxxxuss, including your environment and the way you are employing sound.

If not, you only have one more option left! I had the same issue but after restarting the Host OS Win7 vmwaer, all was good.

vmeare I installed both firefox and google chrome. Since I only have one harddrive, it means i’m wiping windows and all my files in the process. I think Graphics is the problem. Sound input doesn’t work.

Welcome to Snow Leopard: Mac OS X 10.6 and VMware Workstation 7

You know how things get easier with practice? In the latter case the central directory vmmware zipfile comment will be found on the last disk s of this archive. How did you get it to work?


System installs and boots like a charm. Then it just sits there. Install from patched DVD works patched At this point, close Workstation 7.

January 10, at 8: Haven’t listened to it on other OSes. Bootoptions xx32 runs fast too on Desktop.

3rdPartyDrivers – OSx86

September 9, at 8: Everything else took right off without any problems. Having a Piece I must say, compared to the hassle of getting Leopard running in VMware, this was streamlined and painless. July 25, at Please contact your host operating system support provider or sound card manufacturer for help.