This includes detailed timeline for [Turn off monitor], [Turn off hard disks], [System standby], and [System hibernates]. When using scroll function, mouse cursor at the arrow does not move. If the following window appears, select LAN or High-Speed Internet at the drop down menu and type the computer name you use. It can shock on occasion. To our ears they sound at least as good as the best comparably featured separates combinations available for similar money. Page Caution Use only the memory module sold by LG.

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Keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in a horizontal position.

LG LS50 Laptop & Intel Wireless Pro BG – Laptops and Portable Devices –

Using the touch pad The touch pad can be used with a mouse at the same time. Please read this manual carefully before using the computer. If the following window appears, click [General] tab and 1. Any help of course will be appreciated. Page 8 Your wireleas complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use. Some items may look different from the pictures. After the installation, reboot the computer.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs)

It will never accept the essid entry. Replacing And Disposing Of The Backup standby Battery Replacing and disposing of the backup standby battery Warning If the backup battery is incorrectly replace, there wireoess danger of explosion. None of these things are anywhere near wireles enough to be deal breakers for us, but they make living with ls550 speakers a fussier experience than it should be. Click Settings and adjust how long you need to hold down a mouse or touch pad button to enable ClickLock, and then Select OK.


It takes a broad range of talents for this to happen. The lithium batterry contains lithium and can explode if it is not properly handled or disposed of. User can attach a separately purchased chain lock into the security keyhole and connect it to a fixed object to prevent a notebook theft.

Opening and positioning the LCD panel Push the latch button in the direction of the arrow1, and open the display panel 2. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Move the icon without releasing the left button Drop: It has a scroll button, which functions similar to a scroll wheel on a mouse. About the keyboard — Turning off the woreless Quit all running applications; click [Start] and choose [Turn Off Computer] from the start up menu.

Replacing and disposing of the backup standby battery Warning If the backup battery is incorrectly replace, there is danger of explosion. That beautifully built and finished enclosure is the same as the passive version too, bar a couple of centimetres of additional depth to accommodate the electronics and heatsinking. I chose the LS50 over these notebooks and others due to the combination of style and high-end performance.


To launch an application, you can select and double-click the. These safety instructions will ensure many years of safe enjoyment from the product.

Use arrow keys to select Load Setup Defaults, and press Enter. The hard disk drive is very delicate to any physical impact.

LG LSS Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

Also See for LS50 Service manual – 35 pages. A supervisor password prevents unauthorized users from changing the system setup. Keep metallic objects, such as keys and clips, away from the battery pack.

So the LG LS50 is quite powerful in number crunching, even though it is not using the latest chip design from Intel. Only the scroll function will move. You wirepess click the left button or gently tap the touch pad once le50 select an item on a menu or an icon on the screen, or position the cursor in a document.

The default directory for the received data is C: