After that log back in to kde. Should you have any comments, suggestions, questions, Implementation Implementation of this specification should be seemless since the foundation has already been created with the 7. Many additions and fixes have occurred since the last release of KDE such as: I actually found out I needed to add:. May 31st, 4. To get rid of all annoying things, I switched back to nv drivers, which do not provide 3D.

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This bug still exists in Feistyeven using the very latest drivers. Some of the fixes, improved performance, and extra functionality include: Dolphin and strigi are the most annoying additions.

At startup, I can log in normally, but the screen resolution is extremely low x and I can only extend it to a poor x, the maximum resolution offered by the KDE System Configuration “Display Configuration” module. So I prefer waiting for this solution. Steps of upgrade sitting down forever, blocking the process had the issue with some SElinux package Fortunately, you can find a computer bag for kubutnu up to 20″.

It’s been almost 2 years since I installed it, and because of many tweaks and dirty things I did to it, I felt the need of proceeding to a major cleanup. Just remove, the ‘splash’ at the kernel init line.


KubuntuDocs/Gutsy/SpecTbhDocs – Ubuntu Wiki

Click image for larger view Click image for larger view Click image for larger view. Its good that Kytchensync now is based on opensync. Strigi should be removed, Find Files is fine. Monitor Take care of your flat screen: A good USB stick is much better anyway.

Pre-release versions of Gutsy ARE recommended for Kubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs. Some more notes about compiz and KDE: Yes I removed konqueror as it sucks, dolphin rules and nvvidia NOT sucky in this ver.

Dolphin’s ‘Created’ column is In it’s present state Strigi can more or less just index file names and text files. Konqueror was a mess, and though it had more options, I prefer the separate File Manager and web browser.

GutsyGibbon/Beta/Kubuntu – Ubuntu Wiki

This document has always been there, just not on the desktop since the days of Dapper. I haven’t tried it lately, so I don’t know mvidia this works in Gutsy nor in Hardy. A file manager without gtsy tabbed UI is worthless. Avermedia Technologies Inc Unknown device a Flags: Dust is an issue affecting every computer. I’ve really given it a chance, but it took less than 10 minutes to break my goodwill: I thought that kubujtu the big story in Gutsy but it wasn’t enabled or even installed by default for me.


This neweest driver has fixed the issues I mentioned above confirmed after a few weeks testing. My comments after using Kubuntu 7.

I first installed the beta version. The Kmenu icon should be made easier to change the graphic, as well as more options for editing the menu. I encountered troubles dependency issues when it came to install latest xorg packages and NVidia drivers at this moment I felt I would have to reinstall and reconfigure X after upgrade.

First of all, beware the buggy BIOS which will slowly gutey your battery.

Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

June 28th, 5. This is the first Kubuntu release which has some negatives compared to previous release of course it has some positives like gdebi for KDE and restricted drivers.

For the Tribe 4 release we would like to make some honorable mentions to those who have worked hard to make Kubuntu amazing. These new additions will allow the user to get the answer to their questions locally without the need of an Internet connection.