My guess is that you have predetermined that a clone has to be an inferior product? When investment castings for irons and wood heads came in to vogue is when it became practical for cones to compete with major brands. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The assertion made that many Clones are made in the same factories as OEM clubs is unsubstantiated and simply incorrect. While not all their designs are clones, they do carry a large majority of clone heads which is understandable as they started as a clone company.

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GigaGolf offers True Temper shafts as their standard shaft and you can upgrade to different shafts and grips of your choosing. Lastly on the subject of quality: Although I have made several sets of look alikes mostly from Hireko I have found the Irons are great and although they should always be checked for loft and lie after assembly that using a good shaft the work just great. Timothy D Watson 7 years ago.

Apart from obvious esthetic knocioff, one noteworthy point of differentiation is that the Tour Burner takes a. With the Burner, our testers produced ball speeds that were between 2 and 6 MPH faster than with the Heated.

Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand Golf Clubs – (ULTIMATE REVIEW!)

I have a set of old, second hand, worn out mixed bag clubs right now, but I’d like to upgrade to raylormade better. Also, Gunmetal mentioned Maltby suffered from the poor clone quality. Kids Clubs Teen Set. Twin Engine Compare to: However they saw the ever changing technology revolution coming and got out of the clone market for ,nockoff most part while the getting was good. But that is the real key that most Sunday golfers forget.


I am searching for a component head company to do business with and could use some help.

Has anyone tried these Taylormade clones? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

The colors may be off on the shaft bands or the graphics if the club has a graphite shaft. Brad Jefferys 6 years ago. Not driven only by what is legal, but what is right. FSU 21 7 years ago. There are very good clones, there are cones that actually better playing clubs for a given section of the market and then there taylormzde really bad clones. I now own a complete set of the GigaGolf forged cavity backs along with a set of Giga woods and play to a legit 7 handicap.

I have used the big brands like TaylorMade, component brands like Golfsmith, and unbranded clone clubs. Visit the Monark Golf now. Counterfeit Scotty Cameron Cover.

I have also seen some really good clubs, despite being complete knockoffs.

MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

Bob Pegram 3 years ago. Normally shot between 16 and 21 over on the courses I regularly play.


Today is the ultimate test: While the Burner produces a pleasant ting and outstanding feel at impact, the Heated was often described as clunky, almost heavy at impact. Regardless if it is a clone or a brand name. What I am saying it is just as important to spend a bit of money to get your clubs fitted to your body and swing speed as it is tayllrmade buy a good club.

Looking for a perfect place to get the latest golf club clones and TaylorMade golf drivers at a discounted price?

As mentioned above, I believe you should research kncokoff on this topic before writing an entire article denouncing the use of clone products. When investment castings for irons and wood heads came in to vogue is when it became practical for cones to compete with major brands. Stogiesnbogies 7 years ago.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Clone Golf Drivers. Counterfeit Scotty Cameron Head Cover. I’m gearing toward these clones as my first real set of clubs.

Tom Quaile 7 years ago.