Would I be able to upgrade to a better processor? And in a laptop is very risky because the cooling system is hard to upgrade to keep a advanced CPU cool and stable. Just will not work, but for everyday computing, Word, Internet, EMail, messing, forums, youtube, all works fine. Right now it will only recognize 1 2gb memory module. Or were you able to? The RAM is almost maxed out at 1.

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Contact your OEM or reseller for warranty support. That was very successful. Anyway, a good cpu with speedstep is still a great update, i dont know your Extensa but i would bet it supports them as the does btw before upgrading i mailed Acer asking if upgrading my Celeron was possible, and they answered NO. According to Wikipediathere is a Celeron M that is faster than the After reading this topic, I chose a Intel Pentium T processor.

Shawn Dec 29, at 4: It has the GLM chipset. For those interested here is the site.

Can you upgrade the processor? I’ve forgotten my password. This is a perfect match for the 1. Hey Andrea do you think you can give me some info on disassembling my Acer I don’t expect an i7 to go in here, just something to increase the speed a bit. Increasing performance using Dual Channel One interesting difference between the series and the old Pentium M is the effect of dual channel.


Intel® 82940GML Graphics and Memory Controller

I think that the T could work in your laptop, but this is just my opinion. The install went fine, there was a tense moment as I waited for the BIOS to show up for the first time, and then…there it was! However, when I boot up, I can no longer adjust the brightness of the lcd screen! Posted 11 May – Anyhow I was wondering if I could also upgrade it to the t?

I think just because Acer buys them in stock, and they fit most of the range of actual products. The improved performance is chispet. I have a question regards to my laptop. Now all of chipzet depends if you push your CPU hard at all.

You comments got me thinking. But if i were you i woudn’t. When j943/940gml the CPU its important to remember to match the clock multipliers … in the 1.

Downloads for Intel® Series Chipsets

On the Pentium M architecture, having dual channel has virtually no effect on performance as shown in the following article. Which one would that be?


PCI Express Revision is the version supported by the processor. BehappyproDec 21,in forum: Core i7 Product Number: I43/940gml the Celeron M of my with a T But i have a doubt: However, the CPU is only 0.

I would like to upgrade it but as far as I researched only laptops with chipset have been successfully updated to C2D processors. Val Yes i94/940gml did the bios upgrade, and probably i did it even without wishing to change the cpu. Yes — Enabled Thermal Control Circuit: