Consequently, plugging a device into one port may physically block an adjacent port, particularly when the plug is not part of a cable but is integral to a device such as a USB flash drive. After hours of doing research, consulting with electrical engineers, and testing hubs, we determined that the Anker Port USB 3. If you need more USB 3. Retrieved from ” https: It also has charging ports, but only two instead of the three of our top pick.

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Stephen BishMar 12, Continuing counter-clockwise the lights illuminate in order, from top to bottom.

It does not have special support for Apple proprietary charging, beyond the mA rate which is standard for USB 2. Do you already have an account? If the light flickers, this can indicate a device that is drawing more than the available mA.

The AH typically costs more than our top pick, and it has just two extra data ports—and two fewer charging ports—so make sure you really need that many data ports before springing for the AH Maintain the quality and the good price.

Ghislain — February 28, I have hbu using the hub for months now without any problems. This guide currently focuses on traditional, rectangular USB-A connectors.

USB Hub | NI Community Forum

I can get away with it in my studio where I have a Firewire interface using Thunderbolt converteralthough there I would like to run, or at least have connected, my V-Drums as well as the KK S Is the AC power adapter required?


Each hub has exactly one upstream port and a number of downstream ports. You might need a plug adapter isb different regions which is not included. While the new standard has yet to supplant the legacy USB-A port that all of these hubs use, new USB-A hubs seem to have stopped coming, and older models are getting discontinued without replacements. Much of the competition has side-facing ports that are too close together to allow for simultaneous use, or make USB plugs and devices stick out from the sides, taking up space on your desk.

BIG7: 7-Port MTT USB Hub for Raspberry Pi (Rev 2)

In contrast, a self-powered hub is one that takes its power from an external power supply unit and can therefore provide full power up to mA to every port.

Retrieved from ” https: A route string sent in the packet header allows a USB 3. Connected directly showed the devices and they all worked as intended to.

The upstream port connects the hub directly ,tt through other hubs to the host.

BIG7: 7-Port MTT USB Hub for Raspberry Pi (Rev 2) | UUGear

Downstream routing has been changed in USB 3. This Anker hub is reliable for simultaneous USB 3. Anker also provides an month warranty, a coverage length that we found to be standard across most of the hubs we tested.


A hub can be used as an active USB repeater to extend cable length for up to 5 metre 16 feet lengths at a time. This is fantastic looking product.

This looks very promising. They can automatically switch between modes depending on whether a separate power supply is available or not. Needless to say I would recommend this product without any hesitation.

For iPods, iPhones, and other devices, it will charge only at the standard mA rate.

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For example, our top pick has seven USB 3. Tom’s Hardware UK and Ireland.

The remaining 20 percent said they wanted eight or more ports. It sports seven USB 3.

We paid close attention to design choices such as the port spacing and location, the sturdiness of the hub and all its connections, and how noticeable dust and fingerprints were aesthetic concerns, but concerns nonetheless. Thanks Tomas, we are working on the new Acrylic case for them.

Andrew Bird — February 13,