If you can’t find your question or would like additional assistance, please feel free to contact us. I’ve been running this exact software on this exact system for years.. Subscribe to eMastercam News. To change the color wireframe, we would click on the wireframe icon and switch our color. How can we switch what machine we are using?

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The opinions expressed in this post are my own and haxp not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management Cadcam Software and hardware sales, contract Programming and ConsultantCad-Cam Instructor. Well, as I said if its a valid seat you paid for it they will pound you to upgrade. By tooljockeyJanuary 18, in Industrial Forum.

Mastercam FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Mastercam Questions

A validation code will be sent this e-mail in the next step. Most commonly, Mastercam is looking for a normal hasp when it should be looking for a NetHasp or vice versa. This file is most easily accessed from cannto start menu. It is created in the same location as “McamInspect.


Mastercam FAQ

Once in the Zip2Go page, under file options, put a check in the boxes for config files, post processors, and toolpath files, then click “create Zip2Go”.

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Click on the mastercam-mt-nethasp-x Click on the Nhaspx. Yeah the dongle is long gone. Zip2Go files are helpful for your resellers when it comes to tech support because a Zip2Go file. That will reinstall the drivers.

For kicks and giggles I loaded Mastercam 9. To change the color of wireframe, solids or surfaces, hqsp are going to focus on the following three icons which cannnot displayed at the bottom of our screen. Yeah i’m from NY area and Italian, lol.

To create a Zip2Go — first save your file, then click on “help” at the top of the screen and then select “Zip2Go utility”. Well it’s obvious that Mastercam X has issues with Windows 7.

Mastercam > Getting Mastercam X to find the HASP

I have downloaded the latest hasp drivers from Aladdin to support my Windows xp64 o. Extract the contents of the. This will only run on a bit operating system. Anyone know whats going on here?

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Each hasp needs to be updated individually, so there will be a code file for each hasp. They represent the colors of wireframe, solids and surfaces respectively.

NetHASP: License not found for CIMCO – Mastercam

You will learn quickly whats what and how to use it. You may get the error message “CodeMeterAct can’t bind the license to this machine, Error ” when attempting to install Mastercam. You will now be asked to link your account with your Mastercam SIM.

This will now set that NC file name for all of your operations, so they should post out successfully. Subscribe to eMastercam News. Click on “Register” in the top right hand corner of the screen. Sorry I can’t be more help. Choose a Mastercam version from the drop down list.