You can assign this script to the corresponding button on the tablet. No, create an account now. In reply to Billaboard’s post on May 2, Most likely the stylus. November 25th, I personally wish other manufactures tried to do something similar. JoeS Dec 11,

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Here are the results of the commands you suggested: If you have never used a pointing stick lenoov it takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the nack of it is a very precise way to control the cursor. If your terminal is corrupted, type ‘reset’ and press Enter.

I have the exact problem described in the original post. Below in the screen comparisons shots, the model on the left is the standard X Tablet, while the one on the right is the multitouch version. Under normal typing you would never notice the spot, but if you grip the tablet from that side you notice some give in that area. Hi, Thank you for being part of Microsoft Community.

Solved: x Wacom Serial Pen Tablet in Windows 7 – Lenovo Community

I believe that later X’s had a better capacitive touch system like most current tablets plus the pen system and this is what I presume should be used with the 2-finger touch drivers. Most likely the stylus.


Wacom seems to offer bit drivers. MultiTouch is experimentally supported presently by the Linux wacom project.

November 24th, 6. Windows laptop or Android tablet? What would Windows be doing on the other x that makes it work on the original x It’s not due to multiple users, as I’m the only user of the machine.

Further xinput list shows the digitizer is on the Wacom X driver. See our Sustainability Report. Mine has the pen that works and on Windows 7 it responded when I poked a finger at the screen. Aaargh, and Windows 10 keeps updating the driver from one that half works to one that doesn’t work for touch at all. To go along with this feature, they also provide a visual indication of which direction you need to spin the screen to get it back to its default orientation.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet Digitizer Pen Pn01 –

Jessen P Replied on May 1, Elnovo reply to Billaboard’s post on May 3, If you plan on using this tablet for multimedia, a pair of headphones is highly recommended.

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You have to put in your model number and such, and select Windows 7 for OS. I personally wish other manufactures tried to do something similar. x2000

If a post solves your issue, please mark it so. For video-conferencing lenovp VOIP needs they work very well, but are lackluster for music and video.

[SOLVED] Touchscreen on Lenovo X ThinkPad

The full Tutorial can be found on my blog: As far as applications go, Photoshop and GIMP and pretty much all non-Microsoft apps are a no go on the pressure sensitivity and OneNote is a go for pressure sensitivity.

The programs and packaging are simple, and the source is available at waocm URL above. Ive done a Reinstall of the OS I put it back in the original x, and it still works. What exactly lenivo you do? I’m officially giving up having installed and re-installed Win7 three times with different variations in sequencing of updating both through Lenovo and through Microsoft.