When I go back to check it the incorrect key is back. September 20th, 2. What jazzed up Glenn Miller tune did I hear? Click on the properties button underneath that preferred networks window. HP Pavilion ZV Wirelss Laptop Hi, that is great I am glad I could help, I see you have already marked as solved, I would appreciate it if you would click on the red link in my signature and show your support for me becoming an ubuntu member if not that is ok too. It showed that there was a wireless network available and it works. At the top edge of the motherboard?

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Click the network that you are connecting to, and then click Configure.

September 20th, 9. I can’t do it with Ubuntu. Unfortunately, the adapter is still shown as unconnected. Could the adapter itself be bad?

HP Pavilion Zv5000 WiFi Wireless Card 347012-001

I tried with Xubuntu, Fedora, Debian and even tried Puppy. An Ad-Hoc wireless network is a peer to peer configuration generally between two computers.

I shut down computers and router and did a cold boot, but nothing changed. There was an internet button I pressed every time I tried to connect.

How do I install a wireless antenna on a HP ZV laptop? – tech resolved | Ask MetaFilter

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Understanding wireless networks A wireless or WiFi network provides all the functions of a typical wired network, but also provides for roaming.


If you are installing a PCMCIA wireless network adapter, follow the instructions provided wirekess the card to install the correct drivers and software. Wireleess Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu work with this laptop model? Click on the properties button underneath that preferred networks window.

The wireless adapter is shown as working properly in properties.

HP Notebook PCs – Setting Up a Wireless Local Area Network in Windows XP

I currently have the Wieeless cable plugged in, but that is not what he wants. My problem is that the adapter, Broadcom54g Maxperformance Zn5000 did make the change to AES. HP Pavilion ZV Wirelss Laptop Hi, wirelrss this command please after it is done restart your computer with the wired connection unplugged and see if it works.

If the wireless network that you are connecting to uses standard encrypted communication, check the Data encryption WEP enabled option, and then uncheck the option for The key is provided for me automatically.

At the top edge of the motherboard? Complete the wireless encryption configuration by typing the Network key into Network key: Now I know it does work. Since the computer connects to the network by radio signals rather than through cables, a person can move from place to place within the network, for example from the office to a conference room, and remain on the network the entire time.


I just don’t know what to do with the ends wureless the antenna, which aireless at two small, metal objects which look like they are supposed to screw into something. Could the BroadcomAdapter’s general configuration be wrong? Your notebook should now be connected to the wireless network.

I once was cleaning the outside of a notebook that I don’t use very much. Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites!

If the settings you have configured are correct, the network name is listed in the preferred networks list. A Wireless Router is a gateway between an Internet connection or fixed wire network and wirsless wireless network. And remember asking me at the end of your last post if there is a switch or something?

HP Notebook PCs – Setting Up a Wireless Local Area Network in Windows XP | HP® Customer Support

I have Googled until my fingers bled, and I can find no diagram to show me where the antenna is supposed to go. I need to ask you several questions, so I know where we need to begin. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.