Manufacturer informs that in this way particular elements are decoupled from each other. Had I tried a tube amp, who knows. Usually the super tweeter draws no attention to itself. The speakers themselves are infinitely perfect. And this common legacy is quite obvious. Perhaps I had grown accustomed to the darker face and slightly warmer sounding Compact 7 ES It is often confused with selectivity, detail reproduction and even with differentiation.

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Tight, controlled, but a lot of bass nonetheless. On paper the Super is no more sensitive than its little brother the Compact 7 but I found it capable of playing a bit louder using my Coincident Dynamo, no doubt due to the larger habeth.

HL5 Plus is a three-way speaker, although main job is done harbefh two larger drivers. And trust me — these might be speakers for a lifetime and once you get them you should do everything possible to ensure they work in perfect conditions by tweaking the entire environment system they work in.

Harbeth M40.2

Prior to receiving my review pair of 7 th generation Super HL5 Plus, I had heard its predecessor on four or five occasions: The rear baffle is additionally damped with some other absorbing material.

These are quite distinct but they all have common elements with space surrounding them, they don’t harbetu just as separate beings. Well, yes, they definitely make monitors.

W bit of warmth in the midbass I mentioned before, here it wasn’t really audible and if so I perceived it rather as slightly larger volume of the sound.


With the exception of the large Harbeth They will allow their user to enjoy any kind of music. The one placed lower is a 25 mm driver with aluminum cone, the upper one is a 20 mm driver with titanium dome manufacturer calls this driver a Super Tweeter. Sometimes the designers seek to emphasize this quality over that.

Harbeth M | The Ear

I talked about it with Trevor Butler, head of marketing, who said: It is not speakers fault, although they add a bit of that themselves, too. Dudley Harwood used a sort of plastic for his mid- lowrange drivers.

As I said, acoustic recordings are not the only ones that suit Harbeths. That’s what allows Grahams to offer more palpable sound, and be more all-round speakers. What strikes me about these two Harbeths is the similarity in the way they produce music.

6moons audioreviews: Harbeth Super HL5+

I suggest that you change the jumpers delivered with speakers for some better ones. So, if your room is smaller than middle sized and you are not in a position to keep them well away from the walls, maybe the M Instead of damping vibrations they tuned in such a way that the whole speaker sounds best. It offered higher rigidity and lower mass at the same time. CD players DACs servers network audio.

I mentioned particular releases of those albums because these speakers truly benefit from naturalness and accuracy any recording. Designers decided to use two tweeters for an extended and even dispersion to the upper edge of the audio band. The quite thin baffles with the exception of bit thicker, more rigid front one are finished with natural veneer on both sides not only outside but also inside.


Harbeth owner and designer Alan Shaw, who took over the company from founder Dudley Harwood inheld fast to the classic BBC design principles on that occassion and has not strayed far for this, the third iteration of the original design. Cherry, eucalyptus, rosewood, tiger ebony.

Harbeth stand with the minimalist less-is-more crowd. No warning, no teasers — nothing that could prepare me for this. There is sort of foam collar placed inside bass-reflex tube — I guess it is supposed to damp unwanted vibrations.

But it is not very punctual bass, nor the one that one feels on one’s bones. Perhaps I had grown accustomed to the darker face and slightly warmer sounding Compact 7 ES It didn’t cause me any trouble though — wasn’t boomy, overblown or anything like that. It simply works with everything, never hollow here, never strident there.

Super HL5 Plus is a different story, though.