It would be a good idea to name it after your own network card. On the site you find binaries, source and documentation for download. Please look here for the most recent version of this document. I wrote this document as a hobbyist and just for the fun of understanding how things work. This page has been accessed 49, times.

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A version for the AT followed with “NetWare ” v 2. This document describes how to network a computer running DOS.

So you will have to change this line. Make a copy of the old configuration files: Retrieved from ” http: A list of these apps is available at ” DOS Solutions “.

It is located in the applications directory per default. So change your system files to contain the following lines:.

FreeDOS Networking with Virtualbox 4.x

The links there and also his collections of FAQs and applications were of great value. Some packages seem to include files from MS Client, while Microsoft’s license does not allow such distribution. It is not the fastest performance and the first packet is lost.


If you try to load it like a driver, it will ipp with the message ” run-time error R – not enough space for environment “.

Install FreeDOS with MS Client | FreeDOS images for VirtualBox

Most people will want this. Please be sure you freedoe configured the configuration file C: This page was last modified on 16 Marchat How to exchange files between your host and your FreeDOS client. Novell, former market leader for local networks, hasn’t forgotten it’s DOS users.

Section and line are mandatory. A networked FreeDOS guest would solve the problem, as it could exchange the files over the network. To install a generic packet driver is the simplest way. TXT as soon as possible. INI freedod structured into section names in square brackets and item names with values assigned to them.

Networking FreeDOS – Introduction – FreeDOS

More binaries that use the Watt stack can be found here. All three are multiprotocol network drivers, what means that they are able to support multiple protocols over the same card.

  D00245 001 001 DRIVER

The first packet needs more time again, the third is received in reasonable time. EXE ” to add server functionality to the client. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. It supports bit protected-mode as well as bit real-mode. So be careful to have a firewall or a router between the machine and the internet! FreeDOS minimal, without most drivers and memory management 2.

Let it install itself into C: It is currently developed by DOS Solutions. MS-Client Please set the name of your workgroup in the following lines of C: As I already mentioned, this is just a minimal installation of the MS Client 3. Clean up If everything works: