The modem may work well in some computers but not others. I also want to point out that the new Intel modem drivers found at Windows Update support the ‘modem-on-hold’ feature. Intel got out of the modem business about 10 years ago, but in the day they were the cats meow. Amigo and many others. Check out the Intel modem driver intelc For a class struggle to exist in society there must be, first, a class inequality, a superior class and an inferior class as measured by power and, second, the outlets must be closed whereby the strength and ferment of the inferior class have been permitted to escape. Your trying too hard to be a hero.

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Modem maker can and do modify drivers or firmware themselves to fit the modem they are making. Designed by Warren Media Solutions.

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They were crappie modems then and now. Intel em gigabit Ethernet Controller. Then you’ll have to boot into safe mode to remove the wrong drivers and restart the computer and re-install the correct drivers. The PCI data bases now reflect Intel ownership.

ambien The Amigo driver appears to be the latest. Forget about going to board makers site! Didn’t help much, the Intel modem still acted like crap. Just get rid of the modem with Intel chipsets on it. The driver files used are intel Use the driver for the modem you have and the OS used. Do you work for Intel and are not telling us.


Ambient MdL-A Driver – rawloading

But thank you for md690 this out. The links to get the drivers were mentioned on the ‘Windows Update. Some users are not smart enough to think if they use a driver with a simliar name it may work. Display posts from previous: All you folks got good info; just cut it out with the name calling.

And I am making suggestions here on how to solve their problems. The existence of this struggle can be shown theoretically, and it can be shown actually.

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Microsoft Windows Update provides updated drivers for various ” or like chipset modem drivers mostly for Windows XP systems. Nobody from Intel isn’t going to make any comments here about their chipset modems and I don’t need so much techno-info. The drivers the actual modem are different but why are they different. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

As Tiger Jet never made modems just chipsets it “appears” Ambient branded the TJ as there own and wrote the softmodem drivers themselves. Unlike you I don’t use vapor facts that Microsoft some how knows more about a product then the maker of the product.


Copyright Daybreak Family Services. Intel got out of the modem business about 10 years ago, but in the day they were the cats meow. To obtain drivers for your modem please contact your modem manufacturer or point of sale. So before you rag on my post get your facts straight as I don’t see that you have any. Some posts indicaet problems with this modem, current drivers and AMD processors.

I also notice the Intel modem perform like crap when the hard drive is filled up with a lot of software. Includes links to useful modem resources, intel Network Adapter Driver He does not know nor even understand the full meaning of the phrase ‘problem solver’ and I think his comments aren’t very helpful to people who are dealing with the Intel modem problems. Ambient MD T driver.