Press and hold power button and press and release the resume button one time, then release the power button. I rebooted my computer several times. John, this sometimes happends on 9xx series. Will try alcohol again to verify. Check the user manual for the minimum requirements.

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Plus, I don’t know how to change this anyway, since Grayscale is the only option it’s giving me.

No luck — the light still flashes. When used with HP’s HPLIP driver, this printer auto-detects the paper type and does appropriate dithering and colour adjustment internally, controlled by the hardware. I’ll contact Asus to see what they can do for me.

hp deskjet 960c printing problem

I just cannot afford such an expense, and only need Black. All of a sudden these are ;rint in a grayscale dull color form, instead of light black or gray. If you still have the old black cartridge, then simply reinstall it, to see if that error light turns off.

What can I do to print without this happening? If the old ink cartridge does not cause that error light to come on, then I would guess that the new cartridge is actually a bad cartridge. The locker stick somewhere and you hear this noise.


If something is broken I recomend you Bussines inkjet d – perfect machine. The back of the page will only have the HP invent logo on it Figure 2. See if there are any stripes showing up in the color area on those three different test pages.

HP Deskjet 960c … Only need B&W … Way?

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Alcohol didn’t help what?

Remove the rear access door and press the release tab in both upper corners of the opening. Is there some other setting I could change? It looks like there is some black ink on the inside on the right hand side. I’m thinking possibly the ink didn’t make it down to the bottom, when I attempted to fill it myself, and so no electricity was being conducted LSB is a trademark of the Linux Foundation.

Is there 906c special label setting I need to choose? Does this mean something is wrong with the printer or is there a secret setting that is on and I just did not see it.

hp deskjet c printing problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Check the user manual for the minimum requirements. Instructions The instructions are the same for the C and C printers. Thanks, but the problem is not with the Color Ink Cartridge. Make sure your hard disk has sufficent space. Please try again shortly.


I tried cleaning the contacts using water and swabs, maybe another time, alcohol. I have tried to pull it prlnt manually – no luck [I unplugged the printer first] This is the step I am having trouble with I have heard that if you are paying 9660c prices for cartridges its the companies way of fading that printer out.

Thanks for the lead Any tips are welcome I clean these, esp. If you cannot actually tell if there are any lines or not on those test pages, then you could always connect your printer to another computer system [like a friends], hook-up your printer cable, load new drivers from the 690c web-site and simply try running the same color printouts on the second system.

Blinking lights went away, and began to print again. The printer simply remains inactive.